From dream to reality


Our story begins in 2017 (before you glance in your calendar, yes that is this year) when we took the leap leaving a world wide, well known, successful, retail brand and together started VOii studios. The name comes from "the voyage towards the new era of retail".

We can feel the wind changing in the retail business world and can't miss out on this exciting journey. Can you feel it too?

You may think of us as newbies because of our age, but just wait until you hear about what we actually do.

Our aim is to take the e-commerce shopping experience quick and easy right into your costumers favorite shopping street. And with over 40 years of working in retail, both from store management as well as the task of leading and developing the strategy for stores at a regional level further to a country level, we are proud, confident and strong to say that we know our stuff. To be frank; We have many years of experience in running several profitable companies in both retail and consulting / project management. 


But enough about us - Let's talk about you!

Weather you are a business owner or a huge retailer online or not, you need someone that takes care of the operations that a physical store needs and let yo focus your time on what you do best.      

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Studies show that costumers most likely want to touch and feel the product before purchase and also want to experience the interaction between human beings. So why not give your costumer both without opening an own retail store!


We're VOii Studios, Frida Roos and Petra Hodel. Two individuals with passion for retail, operations and engaging people. We love to learn, unite and create. 

We truly believe that good results come from collaboration so we're excited to start a dialogue, learn about you, your business and make something beautiful together.

Our story

This is Frida.

A laughing soul that makes ideas become reality who believes in people, results and prestigelessness. 

Spots the problem and focuses on the solution!


She knew retail already at a young age as her parents started a family business which she later after art school joined as partner.    

As history becomes today, Frida has been a successful retail business owner, country retail manager, consultant, shop designer and developer.

She has managed a turnover budget of 350 mns sek with a total of 300 motivated employees     

This is Petra.

A person with a huge commitment and knowledge within retail. From the start as sales assistant to visual merchandiser and later store manager with a xx sek turnover towards embracing the role as retail operations manager she felt true with retail.  

Spirit, equality and engagement fuels this individual


Who are we