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The place where we offer you special stories, compelling experiences, events and much more.

Invite friends, meet people, and join our community!

In the heart of Malmö Sweden in a beautiful space lies VOii Universe, an online "IRL" concept store, café, meeting and work space all in one.  

Here you will find shopping in a groundbreaking way where online becomes a physical retail store with a shop in shop concept.

It's a place to meet business colleagues and peers, enjoy meetings in our inspiring conference rooms, sit down in our workspace with your laptop or just pop in to charge your devices. Why not enjoy a nice cup of coffee from our café "fiket" while you are waiting.  


All in all - We are here to inspire, help you save time and focus on what you do best.

Sharable experiences, connected moments that leave lasting memories and feelings of joy, happiness, and excitement is key.

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The opportunity of bringing  your online store to life has gone live in Malmö Sweden. We deliver the simple, seamless experience that consumers crave

Do you need an item right away or would you just like to try it on for size before buying it later online or in store? Would you like to buy your item online or in store and have it delivered the same day to the address of your choice?

We can do that for you!

Delivery service 

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We all get tired shopping, recharge with healthy food, snacks and drinks at our café

The little café which we call fiket is based on good feeling and experience.

We have created an oasis where You will find a menu packed with carefully selected ingredients, yummie rolls, bowls, salads, freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. Simply food that makes us feel great! 

Feed your mind and your tummy by holding your meeting in our creative space


#live menu

#freshly made


And before you ask, yes we offer catering in store and delivered


This is what we like to call the co-working hub.

A space for creativity, for sharing thoughts and to build affinity. 


  • Parcel distribution 

  • Recharging stations 

  • Workspaces 

  • Meeting rooms 

  • Printouts


We offer height adjustable tables and chairs on wheels for you to create your own personalized meeting room. There are touch screens and smart boards for your disposal in a private and sound proof environment. 

To sit down and 

The staff from our café Fiket is like your personal receptionist who is available to help with lunch, fika and refreshments.




In todays' retail market it is important to maximize the costumers experience of your business, especially if you aim towards loyalty and great relationships. Younger consumers are the most likely to agree to share their personal data with retailers and brands in a value exchange. Together we create tailored events that will attract, invite, inspire, drive sales and that will start a great relationship with your costumers.

  • Customized events

  • Season

  • Collaberations


" If people enable Bluetooth on their phones, physical retail can do a million things. Through alerts, AR, lighting, and music, physical retailers can take shoppers anywhere they want them to go and make it an experience.


And that’s the new key to brick and mortar retail: Make it an experience. "

- Jeff Barrett,