Multiple retail studies show that customers want to spend their money on experiences instead of physical products. It's not about owning stuff it's about experiencing things. Our vision is therefore to create new, physical and costumer oriented shopping experiences which is unique.

We know what it takes to engage costumers in your products and stores that will improve the bottomline performance.

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Visual merchandising is a powerful marketing strategy to ensure maximal sales of your space. It's a way of communicating with and engaging your costumer in a updated modern way which will increase turnover.


We know that with the right tools and guidelines the refreshment of the space is not far away to achieve.




Sales and service is not only about the transaction of products but the interaction between people. We believe that you can meet the costumer's service expectations by focusing on the connections that make sense to them. Meaning that 

We will guide and motivate you and your team to be the best, by connecting with the costumers in your own way.



Basically it is about motivating, about how to create conditions and a strong will to start working in a new direction.

  • Consulting

  • Workshops

  • Measurements and analyses

  • Implementation



The Concept of Leading Shop Operations

We carry out assignments together with you in store that will create increased sales and profitability.

  • In-store implementation

  • Create successful businesses

  • Product placement strategies 

  • Store personnel planning and scheduling optimization

  • Space optimization



Establish your brand on the Swedish market. We have the location, the knowledge and the capacity to successfully feature and sell your products in Scandinavia by our own staff.